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Thank you for tuning into our new blog! New Home Outlook is proud to announce our new website that acts as a source to the hundreds of thousands of new home shoppers in the Central Florida area.

We will be rolling out information on a weekly basis to help educate home buyers on where the market is currently and where we see things headed. We will offer content on pertinent information on the home buying process as well as coaching material on what to look for throughout your new home purchase!

We work with many of the local and national builders in the Orlando and surrounding areas and one thing we know is there are vast differences between all of them from quality, price, incentives, locations, build time-frames exc. and we want to come along side the future homeowner to make things as stress free as possible.

Currently we are seeing a huge demand with many people coming in from all over different states across the United States as well as outside countries. Many people are choosing the city beautiful “Orlando” as their new primary and or secondary residence.

With the increase in demand, increase in labor and material costs, and increase in pricing amongst builders we are seeing properties sell very quickly and inventory is at an all time low. Interest rates are record low and renters are seeing that renting is just not a long term wise investment of any kind.

With that being said our advice to people in the current market is to find a local expert that can help guide you to a home and area that matches your budget and needs! In addition to that we tell people you want to look for someone that knows and understands the builders, can get you in for appointments and knows what inventory is available as much of it isn’t listed online.

Homes are flying off the shelf and builders are putting thresholds to their monthly sales in communities. It couldn’t be a better time to buy which is why there is such demand BUT you have to be ready to snatch up what you find pre-qualification in hand and deposit ready!

Thank you for tuning and we will have more information to you next week!

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